5 Days 5 Looks: Patrick Janelle


We met Patrick during Art Basel when he stopped by our South Beach boutique located on Collins Avenue, in Miami Beach.  We caught him in our mens section browsing the new trends for the season and some of his favorite designers. Valentino shirts, Saint Laurent pants, Dries Van Noten jackets, and a few others, and immediately took the chance to say “hi”. Obviously, we had a lot to chat about, as we knew his work and his sharp fashion sense. We all agreed it would be great to continue this conversation and have him featured in one of our editorials. Flash forward a few months later, when finally, stars aligned (pun intended) we met again on Sunset Boulevard, at The Standard West Hollywood, where we had a chance to sit down for a quick interview and shoot some great images, which open up our ‘Features’ series. We are happy to call him a friend of The Webster and hope to catch him again soon for another styling session.



Tell us about your style?

I use style to make a broader statement about how I feel and wish to present myself to the world—and that can change on a daily basis.
Fashion allows me to reinvent myself on a daily basis, and I love being able to showcase a different facet to who I am while still being authentic to my tastes and aesthetic. That can mean ripped jeans and boots one day (feeling energetic and fun),  and a jacket with trousers another day (ready to be leader and broker a deal!).

And your relationship with fashion?
I have always been drawn to the industry, and how clothing can tell a story. I appreciate fashion on the runway
and love being able to incorporate new looks and trends into my wardrobe. I also love to be creative
with my clothing choices, making fashion my own.

What clothing essentials are a must?
A good pair of shoes makes an outfit.

Favorite brands and designers?

Currently, I love Ami, Sacai, Thom Browne, Valentino, and (along with the rest of the world),
the new evolution of Gucci. In terms of footwear, my go-to brand is the new Paul Allen collection for men.

Are you a trend follower or trendsetter?
Both. I like to have my cake and eat it, too.

What do you consider when putting together your looks?
I take a look at my calendar each morning to see what’s on my agenda. It’s important for my look to
work with my activities for the day, which can be a challenge because that can be anything from
coffee with a friend to a business meeting with a big client. Ultimately, it’s about striking a balance
that makes you feel comfortable in any environment.

If you could only invest in 3 things this season, what would they be?
A pair of lace-up oxfords from Paul Andrew, a Mexican-stripe top from Sacai, and a pair
of rose print denim from Dior.

One trend that you wish would go away? One that you wish would stay forever?

I don’t understand how cargo anything is still a thing, no more cargo pockets, please. Short pants
for guys are always a good idea. I will always be happy to bare an ankle.

If you could have dinner with one famous designer, who would it be and why?

Dries Van Noten. I’m fascinated by his ability to successfully create a revered fashion brand
and play by his own rules.

Any upcoming designers you have your eye on?

I’ve been loving the stuff coming out of LA’s Matiere.

Can you tell us something no-one knows about you?

In middle school, I wore a headgear. I thought I was cool until I wore it to school one day….
Let’s just say that, from that point on, I only wore it when I slept, when I was hidden away from the world.