E-Commerce Product Upload Specialist

Position Summary

The Product Upload Specialist/Copywriter will be responsible to accurately entering data relevant to each product for the website and is responsible for creating product content online as well as be responsible for any technical procedures to ensure that product is uploaded correctly to web. They will focus on optimizing product details to maximize conversion rate and minimize returns as well as supply the maximum amount of information to ensure clarity. Must be customer oriented and have an interest in luxury fashion with an affinity towards optimizing the customer experience. The ideal candidate will be experienced, detail oriented, organized, and will demonstrate knowledge of current runway shows and industry trends. Must be comfortable in a fast-paced environment

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

·        Responsible for product lifecycle for E-commerce businesses, which includes managing and maintaining site catalogs and uploading product details

·        Execute site updates to ensure error free and timely product launches

·        Understand life cycle of products directed to the website and generating repots of items in pipeline from inventory system to push through

·        Upload merchandise and maintain a catalog of over 300k SKUs

·        Write and edit product descriptions, incorporating the brand story and including inspirational, production and material qualities and using industry standard fashion terms

·        Ensure weights, dimensions, and relevant specifications are accurate at all times

·        Ensure accuracy of color and material attributes for effective filtering

·        Work with Customer Service to identify and assist with experience issues

·        Work closely with photo studio team ensuring that all photo studio reports and images are properly received for upload process

·        Review front end for accuracy and to maintain seamless start-to-finish process

·        Work in MS Excel, NetSuite and Magento

Experience & Competencies

·        Bachelor’s degree in relevant field or comparable relative experience

·        Minimum 2 years of relevant work experience within fashion and/or e-commerce industries with 1-year experience writing e-commerce product preferred

·        Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Excel) and the ability to quickly learn internal systems

·        HTML, Photoshop, Magento and NetSuite experience a plus

·        Strong command of English language, grammar, spelling, and usage

·        Must be able to achieve accurate and precise results on tasks and be results driven and have a sense of urgency

·        Attention to detail and ability to stay focused and meet tight deadlines

·        Ability to work in a fast paced and high-volume environment

·        Identifies and obtains the resources needed to complete projects

·        Excellent computer literacy

·        Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal

·        Great attention to detail as well as organizational and multi-tasking skills

·        Must be available over Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend

Additional responsibilities may be assigned at the discretion of leadership

  • Sale
  • Women
  • Men
  • Designers
  • Beauty
  • Home
  • Editorial