Growing up inspired by California’s 80s and 90s rock scene, Mike Amiri created a brand that embodies the rebellious spirit of L.A.’s subcultures. His line, Amiri was launched in 2013, and has since dominated the market’s corner of edgy deconstructed streetwear. Despite high-demand, Amiri produces limited stock of each piece, maintaining its covetable status amongst consumers seeking a fresh spin on familiar classics that pay homage to grunge and punk.

Though having previously worked with Helmut Lang, J-Brand, and RRL, Amiri is, for the most part, a self-trained designer. He spent his formative years in L.A.’s garment district discovering fabrics and learning denim techniques, all the while extensively studying retrospective commentary of local iconic music venues like the Viper Room along with the droves of groupies vested in rock apropos raiment who frequented them. When the legendary Guns N’ Roses reunited for Coachella in 2016, lead vocalist Axl Rose, a personal hero of Amiri’s, asked him to collaborate on the band’s style for their stage. 

What comes off at first glance as markings easily accomplished by hobbyist DIY methods—true to the irreverent spirit of rock—on essential pieces such as a pockmarked t-shirt or ripped mens jeans, is actually tedious distressing resulting from artful, well thought out facilitation and placement. Amiri’s execution of meticulously sourced fabrics is exemplified in his juxtaposition of shotgun holes on top-grade, plush cotton hoodies and tees. Denim is hand-destroyed, a process that could take up to months for a single pair, and reconstructed with couture components like leather repairs. 

Rock 'n' roll fashion has been reinterpreted time and time again through the past couple of decades since it became an iconic style in the 70s, though Amiri's iteration of it is elevated and personalized with contemporary finishes to reflect the modern counterpart of its establishing culture. Amiri hoodies and Amiri sweatpants—clothing that may not immediately be associated with edge—are characteristically mutilated to become part of the modern rockstar fashion lexicon that Amiri is creating, earning him a spot in the closets of celebrity musicians like Steven Tyler and the fashionably driven set amongst professional athletes of the NBA and NFL, resulting in a cult following all before even having to push a sale to his general fan base.


Luxury is not always synonymous to grunge in the fashion lexicon, but Amiri clothing makes it so. He believes the industry is undergoing changes that are redefining haute couture and offers the sentiment of which “ go somewhere and find something you’ve never heard of, and to be touched by a certain energy, and certain excitement, that’s luxury.” This thought is exemplified in pieces like the Reversible Trucker Bomber jacket, that seconds as a denim shirt, along with MX1 sweatpants, destroyed with biker detailing. Outfits pulled together by Amiri boots in suede complete the true California luxury look, one that is considered yet laid-back, tied together with an Amiri jeans to present the flea-market vintage sourced semblance he upholds.

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