Olivier Rousteing has helmed the quintessentially Parisian couturier that is Balmain since 2011, breaking into international markets where the house has never landed before. As one of the youngest designers to lead the historic atelier, Rousteing has continued to carry out Pierre Balmain’s original vision of wardrobing the strong liberated woman by balancing principles of modern luxury with the brand’s French couture roots. Established in 1945, the house has through its history enlisted the creative direction of some of fashion’s most keen eyes for detail and couture virtuosos including Herve Pierre, Oscar de la Renta, and Christophe Decarnin—a mentor to Rousteing—all of who upheld Balmain’s original “Jolie Madame” aesthetic inspired by resilience and poise. 
Under Rousteing’s direction, decorative opulence and statement silhouettes reign as supreme elements more than ever. To describe the women he dresses: “Some people call it flamboyant, but a woman who is going to wear Balmain is a warrior…When you wear Balmain you adopt a vision and a strength, you're not just going to wear clothes for the clothes.” The Balmain clothing Rousteing designs aims to make a statement for the modern bombshell, a degree of glamour now sometimes regarded as passé as the less-is-more movement has taken foothold. Far from a minimalist, Olivier Rousteing's approach to charged drama is perfected to be in line with contemporary trends favorites, received with acclaim by those from both of the aforementioned camps. 
Channeling Balmain’s signature intricate embroidery and rich embellishment, iconic tailored blazers, hugging bodycon dresses, and skinny biker Balmain jeans are all mainstays in womenswear collections. Strong shoulders reminiscent of Decarnin’s “Balmania” influence are brought current by attaching to pieces with accentuated feminine forms that recall Pierre Balmain’s nipped waistlines. This ideal silhouette can also be achieved with a Balmain t-shirt tucked into black Balmain jeans, topped off with a structured Balmain blazer. The end product oozes of sex appeal without being overtly revealing. 
Menswear collections conjure an elevated interpretation of streetwear and loungewear demonstrated with leather Balmain jackets, destroyed denim, and luxe sweatshirts, resonating with the particularly styled yet casual male who embraces a bold print as well as a Balmain logo t-shirt and Balmain jeans men then finished by Balmain boots with a rockstar edge. The distinctive aesthetic of the label's mens lines has pervaded the wardrobes of a younger generation of style savvy men while still being appropriate for those looking for a gothic sophistication. 
Not one to shy away from pop-culture associations amongst the high fashion elite, Rousteing’s Balmain Army recruits include some of the biggest international influencers of all iterations of fame, and crosses over refined French couture with diversity from around the world that is evident in the product he presents. His social media savvy has catapulted the legacy brand into the label of choice for the social elite and celebrities. With an established presence at the forefront of the Parisian and international luxury fashion scene, Olivier Rousteing has set Balmain on rising trajectory, architected by his own era decadent dominance. 

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