Calvin Klein 205W39NYC

The all-American look of refined casual that is so distinguishably Calvin Klein has survived many tides of change since its launch in 1968 as a collection of understated coats. The original Calvin Klein Collection touted some of the most beloved trends in ready-to-wear, sportswear, and lingerie that are still importantly relevant today. Any recollection of the New York City based powerhouse will induce nostalgia harkening back to Kate Moss at the pinnacle of heroine chic and the “nothing” that separates Brooke Shields from her Calvins.

Now in its current era with Raf Simons piloting a reinvention of the brand under a new guise, CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC, an updated American spirit has been conjured, carrying alongside it the brand’s legacy of marketing prowess exhibited in provocative star-studded campaigns. The Belgian designer of the Antwerp Six and Dior fame looks to art to fuel his creativity, and enlists L.A. based painter and sculptor Sterling Ruby as a constant collaborator whose works adorn the Calvin Klein headquarters in midtown Manhattan, as well as the flagship store on Madison Avenue.

A celebrated visionary, Simon’s first collection with Calvin Klein opened in early 2017 to unsurprisingly stellar reviews, and the work he creates continues to impress as he finds unexpected ways to inject his signature aura into each piece of minimal sophistication. When asked if he would be making close references Klein’s long lived creative direction, he stated that he was more interested in replicating Klein’s inclination for taking risks.

Be it a cascading ruffle trimmed mini skirt or a unimposing crisp polo shirt, CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC lives on with a renewed sense of purpose, flanked by undying simple chic tradition. In Simons’ words, “it is the coming together of different characters and different individuals, just like America itself. It is the unique beauty and emotion of America.”

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