G-Star Raw Elwood x 25

Created in 1996, the G-Star Elwood was the first pair of jeans ever to be constructed using the 3D method - being built around the wearer rather than with a traditional flat pattern. It is a symbol of individuality, since its construction means that it looks unique on every single body, and the rich diversity of the X25 prints guarantee that it is more distinctive and individual than ever. Drawing on inspiration from across the globe, Pharrell has reimagined the classic G-Star Elwood in 25 bright and beautiful prints that meld motifs from the natural world - from poison dart frogs and butterfly fish to leopards and whale sharks - with beautiful renderings from diverse cultures: including ornate Indian paisley prints and Japanese kimono embroidery. The Webster offers The G-Star Elwood X25 Drop II collection in exclusivity, two weeks before the worldwide release.

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