Blaine Halvorson, Creative Director & Founder of MadeWorn

The History Behind Blaine Halvorson

From spending his childhood on a farm in Montana, Blaine Halvorson had a raw connection to nature. The rural and ancient tranquility of the mountains can awaken the talent to transform raw materials into something new. Or in the case of Blaine Halvorson, to repurpose materials for what they are, and to embrace their age rather than hiding it. Beginning his youth by setting out to be a lawyer, he then turned to arts and fashion in a moment of serendipity and never looked back. In a way, his new MadeWorn clothing venture is a response to his earlier days as the creator of Junk Food Clothing, where he found success in licensing and printing vintage band t-shirts. A self-labelled “craftsman”, he is a jack of all trades for clothing. His MadeWorn clothing collection includes pigskin tattooed bags, vintage MadeWorn rock tees, and one-of-a-kind shoes that he cobbled himself. There is no fashion form that he has not mastered with his own vintage style.

The Trademark MadeWorn T Shirts

As MadeWorn’s founder and creative director, Blaine Halvorson sees the opportunity to bring clothing back to a simpler time, where even his clothing production is designed to calm the mind. With the Californian MadeWorn studio surrounded by a field of yellow prairie grass, thick trees, and repurposed wood structures, there is an aura of Western inspiration inside each of the MadeWorn t-shirts made. Sourced both locally and from Japan, the repurposed materials take new life from the MadeWorn process. As MadeWorn’s founder, Blaine Halvorson believes that knowing the story behind the materials makes each pair of his shoes “truly unique and that is art.” Halvorson brings this philosophy to all his projects, especially his MadeWorn rock tees, which brought the brand its acclaim. Each of the MadeWorn tees are first printed with pigmented ink, and then worn down with a natural process to create clothing that looks like they have been worn and loved for years.

MadeWorn Tees Vision and Future

With pieces worn by Brad Pitt and Kanye West, and a collaboration with Biggs featuring the staple MadeWorn jacket style with real vintage leather, there is no doubt that the Blaine Halvorson MadeWorn vision has found an audience that desires the timeless and simple pieces. In his appointment-only studio, guests can explore the 12,000 ft museum that fuses Blaine Halvorson’s romantic, western upbringing with more experimental inspiration. Giraffes and dogs alike are stuffed and positioned alongside Blaine Halvorson’s own handmade art fixtures and curated historical items. Also on display are Halvorson’s own vintage band shirt collection, one of the largest in the world, and the influence behind his MadeWorn rock shirts. True to Halvorson’s love to the music greats, the MadeWorn Metallica shirts and MadeWorn Guns N’ Roses shirts are a mainstay to his t-shirt collection. With timeless designs, each shirt emerges as a passion of love from its creators. Discover the MadeWorn Men’s collection, featuring vintage band shirts imbued with an authentic agelessness.

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