Saint James

In the year 1067, William the Conqueror established the small village of Saint James in the bay of Mont Saint Michel, at the crossroads of Normandy and Brittany. In this hamlet, renowned for its works of weaving, the seeds of Saint James atelier were sewn. The original Breton Seaman sweater was born from the need of French sailors and merchants and was later adopted as an official piece of the French naval uniform in 1858. According to old lore, these sweaters purposefully touted 21 stripes to represent each of Napoleon's naval victories over the British fleet. Today, Saint James' specially-trained artisans continue to source the finest wool and cotton to craft their collections. As the original purveyor of stripes, the pattern of revolution, Saint James is committed to upholding its heritage of terroir fashion: clothing with intention, origin, and character.

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