Bold Moves

Sit in on this study of primary colors with the latest from our favorite designers. We know red, blue, and yellow as the three essential hues that can be combined to create an infinite palette of pigments. On display here however, they make splashy bold moves on their own and in their true unfiltered forms. With the power to birth just about every other color our eyes allow us to see, they pack a powerful punch on whatever garment they live on so, learn to wield their force in proper fashion.

Lesson 1: DO mess with red. Fiery, fierce, and romantic all at once, it’s a passionate chroma that is always seeking attention and gets it every time without fail. The unisex pocket detail denim jacket by AMI ALEXANDRE MATTUISI and a pleated skirt by GUCCI says it all plus more. For a softer appeal in the hot color, a wrapped crop top by ROSIE ASSOULIN evokes the sensuality of a single rose.

Yellow is happy, lively, and warm. Too much of it can drain you, but not enough will leave you down in the dumps. That’s why when perfectly paired with its neighboring primaries, it becomes the cornerstone for a high spirited look as exhibited by a sunny MARQUES ALMEIDA sweater layered under a floral dress from ISA ARFEN. Coating a CÉLINE bag, it becomes a permanent piece of arm candy.

Lastly, blue. The signifier of serenity, intelligence, and confidence, which is exactly what a contrast-stitched bra top like GIVENCHY’s articulates. Kindling a quiet trust, this color works well in any context, including bringing a understated vivacity to a dramatically smart wide leg pant by ADAM LIPPES. With its calming influence, you’ll be emboldened to go further than you thought you’d ever dared to on the wearable color wheel. Class dismissed!