Shady Business

A rebellious take on seemingly minimal looks

Looking good under pressure is no easy feat. Your fingers tap to a nervous rhythm and your eyes constantly scan the room. You’re up to something, and acting–and looking–natural is just not going to cut it, so let your clothes do the talking. Keep your intentions hidden behind a pair of Linda Farrow round mirrored sunglasses; add some mystery with an oversized ROCHAMBEAU painted coat. Bonus points for it being a collaboration piece with artist Aaron Curry.

For an effortless look throw on a T-shirt–MARTIN ROSE logo–and a tailored suit by designers DSquared2. Wear the full suit, or throw the jacket over your shoulders, either way, attitude is everything. To finish off the look? A pair of vintage-inspired sneakwers–GUCCI and AMI both have some that are on our #wishlist.

Muted-colors are also a go-to for under the radar style, and this mustard VALENTINO jacket with white accents stripes is just that. Pair it with MARNI’s dropped crotch pants and a plain T-Shirt. Risk taker is what these clothes scream, go bold or go home.

For an ironic twist while you are up to no good, go with something bold and fun. A traditional Christmas sweater with a twist is a good place to start? Try LOEWE’s stripped multicolor knit sweater and pair it with khaki pants and AMIRI lace-ups. An adult take on an otherwise childish piece.

Up for something more subtle? Channel a sense of mystery by doing the unconventional. The playful touch of an odd yet fun placement of belts or neckties where they shouldn’t be should do the trick. Go for multiple layers, and wear it with your favorite graphic 032C sweater and a solid purple turtleneck by CALVIN KLIEN 205W39NYC. Top it off with a structured black MAISON MARGIELA jacket to give your look extra texture. This look screams rebel spirit that can hold his own.

Regardless of your style choose pieces that give off that cool and casual vibe, but forget about flying under the radar, you are here to stand out.