3,2,1 Blast Off!

Reach for the stars in these sparkling looks

When Karl Lagerfeld launched a rocket ship inside the Grand Palais in Paris for his Fall 2017 show, he surprised every editor, model, and influencer in the room. He made his dreams come true and subtly told the world he dreams way beyond the stars. He probably even made Elon Musk of Space X, do a double take. While the rocket ship stole the show, the glistening looks that took to the runway were undoubtedly a tough act to follow.

The timeless black-and-white look circa 2017 is given a new life with scintillating sparkle and glistening metallic shades. Every accessory is sprinkled with a futuristic motif. The looks are fit for a supernova of a woman, one that can own the fun yet sophisticated style iconic to the brand.

Classic pieces like the Gabrielle bag are coated in chromatic silver giving it a new, modern take. The collars of jackets and dresses are high and rigid, just like the structure of space helmets. Karl even showed black crew-neck sweaters with a funky astronaut print, for the off-duty space girl. Elegant styles like tweed and satin–staples of the fashion house–are given a contemporary revival. The houndstooth tweed jumpsuit is a fresh take on the traditional space suit. Not to mention, the silver metallic pants that perfectly mirror the moonlight. The pants are meant to be taken to the stars, especially when paired with the matching micro-purse.

Subtle embroideries are a big hit in this collection. A classic tweed jacket embellished with faux pearls are a nod to the shape of planets. Karl decided to keep shining as bright as the stars with his of-the-moment two-toned glitter boots. The boots have become the boot of the season with every it-girl sporting a pair. “Houston, we have a fashion emergency. I need the Chanel glitter boots.” “Roger that.”