City Strides

Modern suits and cool sunglasses complement the cinematic vision of Brickell City Center

In the middle of Downtown Miami an open-air environment was built using urban fabric such as steel and aluminum and minimal forms to create an urban oasis. The Brickell City Center does not disrupt the city scape around it, nor does it shout for attention. The cool and modern location weaves around the city and melds into its streets, becoming one with the city. Those who venture inside will find it is designed like a jigsaw puzzle. You have to be prepared for it’s skewed pathways and complex corridors. You have to be prepared for a City Stride.

The light grey hues and moody shadows of the sophisticated center calls for a good suit in the same neutral color palette. A timeless CALVIN KLEIN Blazer, Jeans and Polo combination is simple yet modern. If you want to channel an edgier vibe, go for the NEIL BARRETT Siouxsie Print Shirt and blazer. The touch of a graphic print on the blazer and lapel stays minimal but gives off a unique look that gives off a cool attitude. Pair the suit with matching black VILEBREQUIN Sunglasses to complete the mysterious look. For a subtle pop of color, carry your valuables in a small pouch. A handcrafted colorful striped THOM BROWNE Tablet Holder is a timeless piece. Or, opt for a trendy, GUCCI POUCH for a street style affect.

The juxtaposition of planted palm trees and green grass in some parts of the urban mall gives you a quick reminder of Miami’s tropical roots. Camouflage yourself beneath the leafy plants in a VALENTINO Reclaim Your Heritage Shirt and JULIEN DAVID Slim Fit Chinos . Don’t forget to keep your wayfarer OAMC Sunglasses over your eyes. Carry on your more relaxed fit, reflective of the city’s slower pace with a SACAI Belted Sweater. A navy blue MONCLER GAMME BLEU Chevron also plays into the city’s oceanside aesthetic with its with white chevron detail and gold buttons. With the natural light that envelopes the mall bouncing off your DIOR Sunglasses, you are bound to have a bright day ahead of you.