Deep Sea Baby

Life by the sea calls for a refreshed take on the classic nautical style.

He looks out, eyeing the tides and flow of the waves. The water gets dangerously close to reaching the shore until the current tauntingly pulls back. He knows it’s a game, one he has played many times. The deep blue ocean is where he grew up; he has watched the waves challenge him every day. A seaside childhood, where the nautical stripes on his MONCLER GAMME BLEU shirt and THOM BROWNE pants have become a uniform.

But the ocean has influenced him in different ways. He is amazed at the wonders the deep sea holds, which are unknown to the world above. That same mysterious serenity is reflected in his solid-colored ACNE STUDIOS shirt and black GIVENCHY Straight Fit Jeans. The darkness, an homage to the sea at dawn. He puts on his FEAR OF GOD high top sneakers and walks out on the dock. Gazing out at the vast body of water, the skyline fading into the distance, he can dream. The cool salty breeze lifts off the water and caresses his skin and with the sudden drop in the temperature knowingly puts on his THE ELDER STATESMAN cardigan.

He knows the ocean is hard to love, given the peril of the unknown, therefore he must always be prepared. And prepared he is in his PALM ANGELS jacket; the jackets edgy palm tree print makes him feel part of nature. As he looks straight to the horizon, he admires what is and what will be in his GUCCI jumper and jeans.