Hit the high sea (or streets) in a contemporary take on nautical wear. Swap your sandals for a pair of Maison Margiela sock sneakers to go with Thorsun swim shorts. Or, grab an Off-White striped sweater to go with Heron Preston x NASA trousers for when the sun goes down.

A clean color story is necessary for a minimal yet sophisticated look. Pair a KNOW WAVE T-Shirt with matching THORSUN Swim Shorts for a pop of pink and lavender. Wear a VALENTINO Jacket and MAISON MARGIELA Sock Sneakers to complete the look with a luxurious edge, and accessorize it with gold MYKITA Sunglasses and ROLEX Watch with light brown accents.

For a streetwear take on these elevated summer looks for men, wear an OFF-WHITE Embroidered Sweater and white HERON PRESTON X NASA High Tech Trousers. Bring some illustrative flare to your footwear with a pair of embellished VANS Slip-Ons.

For one of the more sophisticated elevated summer looks for men, wear a NEIL BARRETT Suit Jacket over a NEIL BARRETT Roll-Neck Fitted Jumper for a minimal ensemble. Streamline it with a pair of MONCLER Side Stripe Pants and a statement pair of MYKITA X MARTINE ROSE Sunglasses.