Hawaiian Style

The Hawaiian Shirt is this Season’s Must-Have Item

The verdict’s in—according to the throes of cute guys clad in colorful Hibiscus prints as well as menswear collections like Louis Vuitton and SSS World Corp.—Hawaiian shirts are in-style. The tackier the trendier. The brighter the better. Ironic and literal iterations look all the cooler. Once a mere punchline, this season’s sea of splashy over-the-hill shirts now look anything but senior citizen thanks to style icons like Tyga, Harry Styles and Migos who stepped out in a trio floral-print button downs at the BET Awards. There’s no shortage of retro revivals from designers either! From Rhude’s moody parakeet and floral-printed button-up to Ami Alexandre Mattiussi’s oversized flower motif T-shirt. No matter the occasion, destination, or DOB, day or night, weekday or weekend, one great tiki luau looker is all you need. Here, we show you how to wear the aloha hawaian shirt four different ways—relaxed and casual by day, swagger-chic for a night on the town, office appropriately dressed down for desk job dudes and most obviously, a retro-print piece for any island vacation—because what’s paradise (sub: paradise flowers) if not no-fuss fun.