Essentials made for wear – on and off the field

Sportswear and streetwear have seen prolific growth in the upper realms of fashion. Luxury fashion houses have integrated sport-inspired pieces into their lines, and streetwear brands are now a standard in high fashion styling. Fashion houses like Balenciaga and Gucci have provided their own interpretations merging every day wearability and elevated cuts and materials, and with figures in streetwear taking leads in fashion houses, the seasonal trend has grown into a cultural shift within the industry.

A pairing of a BALENCIAGA Graphic Hoodie and Pant with Virgil Abloh’s OFF-WHITE Sneakers brings a graphic pop to a versatile silhouette – a curious nod toward what’s ahead in luxury fashion since his appointment as Louis Vuitton’s mens director.

Sportswear is no longer reserved for the field as a 032C Turtleneck and T-Shirt are paired with VALENTINO VLTN Track pants; a contrasting pairing of streetwear and Italian fashion house. For a more street-ready look, a GUCCI Panther Face Bowling Shirt adds a tropical punch to a sport-inspired bottom ensemble of a VALENTINO Jersey Sweatpants and NIKE Airmax Sneaker.