The Hunger Games

Fashion sweet as candy and as salty as an oyster.

A soft simmer, a low beep, and a sizzling fire are the sounds that envelope her favorite place. Her playground is the kitchen–where captivating scents and colorful foods surround her–and where experimenting is highly encouraged! She picks up a dewy vegetable, only to swap it out for a sweet piece of fruit. Cooking is her labor of love; a love fueled by everything she sees smells and feels. She thinks about the endless possibilities to create, and of course to adorn. Much like fashion, cooking is an art form and one she loves to meddle in.

A craving so strong, she is prompted to put down her OLYMPIA LE-TAN Jealous Book Clutch and start fiddling with her ingredients. Determined to satisfy this feeling she arms herself with a GALVAN Sequin Gown, straps on a stand-out WANDLER Miles Bag and shields herself with gold ALIGHIERI necklaces. Her eagerness to embark on this culinary journey to treat her uncompromising hunger.

On her sweet journey, her REBECCA DE RAVENEL Earrings move back and forth with excitement. She soon discovers a few ingredients inside the picturesque kitchen which mimic the colors of her ROSIE ASSOULIN floral dress–floral dresses are her favorite, and they go hand in hand with her setting. She packs them all into her STAUD Bissett Bag. The surprising finds are overflowing, in the bag like the bows on her ELLERY Cold Shoulder Dress that drapes over her body. She ventures on, looking for the most vital element. She meets a friendly helper along the way, who without a word points her in the right direction. I guess her GUCCI Bow Gown did all the necessary talking.

She follows his finger and looks straight ahead until her eyes meet the sparkling gaze of the sensational, red BALENCIAGA Leaf-Applique Satin Sandals in the corner. Reflecting off the chrome pans, the pumps glistening gleam teases her to come closer and claim the prize.