black aiaiai headphonesblack aiaiai headphones

Founded in 2006, AIAIAI is a Copenhagen-based audio design company committed to developing premium modular acoustic products and accessories for, and by, music artists around the world. Co-founded by Frederik Jorgensen, Christian Lorentzen, and Peter Michael Willer, the company offers upgrades and customizations through add-on components as part of its mission to sustain the products’ longevity and reduce waste, eliminating the need for new replacements as audio technology evolves.

AIAIAI’s signature TMA headphones were first developed in 2010 in collaboration with over 30 international DJs and music producers, and have been refined over the course of the past decade. While parts of the headphones including the headbands, cables, earpads, and speaker units can all be customized, exclusive editions of the TMA headphones are available here at The Webster

Established Location Creative Director
2006 Copenhagen Peter Michael Willer


balck aiaiai headphonesbalck aiaiai headphones
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