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Founded in 2015, Baylee Ann Zwart’s jewelry line Azlee crafts pieces from 18k gold and platinum locally in Los Angeles, where her atelier is based. After working in the magazine industry at Glamour and Allure, Zwart moved to Guatemala to work for a fair-trade non-profit organization with local artisans who specialized in metalwork. Enamored by the process of jewelry-making and the product’s everlasting nature, she began creating original pieces. Zwart continued to develop her first collection upon moving back to the U.S., while working in design and sustainability.

Her approach with Azlee is a collection of modern jewelry inspired by architectural lines of French Art Deco designs, exemplified by geometric earrings, as well as adornments from ancient civilizations, which is prominently present in her coin pendant necklaces.

Established Location Artistic director
2015 Los Angeles Baylee Ann ZWART
Designer Maisie Wilen Women's CollectionDesigner Maisie Wilen Women's Collection

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