Designer BirkenstockDesigner Birkenstock

Started in 1774 by shoemaker Johann Adam Birkenstock in Langen-Bergheim, Germany, Birkenstock has been innovating comfort footwear for centuries. Passed on for generations, Konrad Birkenstock, the founder’s great-great grandson invented flexible footbed inserts which were molded to replicate a healthy footprint in the sand, propelling the company into popularity. With the brand’s health focused footwear continuing to be at the forefront of its market, Karl Birkenstock introduced the Madrid as an athletic sandal in 1964, which has remained an unchanged classic. Today, Birkenstock has re-established command of its category, often teaming up with designer brands for exclusive collections while maintaining its ongoing commitment to sustainable sourcing and manufacturing.

Established Location Artistic director
1774 Germany Markus Bensberg
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