Ex Nihilo

Designer Ex Nihilo women's collectionDesigner Ex Nihilo women's collection

Ex Nihilo is a Latin phrase meaning "out of nothing." The three words can’t be further from the truth for this Parisian perfume house. Launched in 2013 by Olivier Royere, Sylvie Loda, and Benoit Verdie, the three had a plan to create an alternative to the mass-produced luxury product category. Through artistic collaborations between emerging perfumers, glass-blowers and designers, Ex Nihilo was created through the artistic community.

The three founders combined an ode to French avant-garde with their idea of pure refinement to create a brand that offers personalized luxury fragrances and promotes emerging creative talents. Discover our curated collection of perfumes, which includes our exclusive travel kit from The Webster x Ritz Paris collaboration.

Established Location Creative Director
2013 Paris Olivier Royere, Sylvie Loda, and Benoit Verdie


Designer Ex Nihilo Men's collectionDesigner Ex Nihilo Men's collection

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