Jacques Marie Mage

jacques marie mage eyewearjacques marie mage eyewear

Founded by Jerome Mage in 2014, Los Angeles-based company Jacques Marie Mage specializes in small-batch productions of artisanal eyewear. A creative veteran whose work is widely recognized across verticals ranging from action sports apparel to personal audio equipment, Jerome Mage has been designing products with a multidisciplinary approach that bears his personal crest for over two decades. With Jacques Marie Mage, Mage draws inspiration from worldly sources to craft impeccable spectacles using high-end materials that are put through a rigorous manufacturing process where each pair passes over one hundred hands before its arrival at the Los Angeles headquarters—part of a 300-step process that ensures artistic and technical excellence. The end result is a unique set of frames that is at once bold, timelessly elegant, and modern. 

Established Location Creative Director
2014 Los Angeles Jerome Mage


jacques marie mage eyewearjacques marie mage eyewear
silhouette eyewearsilhouette eyewear

Founded in 1964 by Anneliese and Arnold Schmied, Austria-based premium eyewear producers Silhouette revolutionized the industry with the world’s lightest glasses. A perfectionist with an eye for quality, Arnold, teamed up with his wife Annelise, who was skilled in finances, and designer Dora Demmel to create an iconic international brand that has stayed in the family for three generations. The brand places great emphasis on traditional hand-craftsmanship and innovative technologies while designing timeless shapes with unique colors to frame the wearer’s individuality, using the finest materials to ensure comfort. 

Established Location Creative Director
1964 Austria Roland Keplinger


silhouette eyewearsilhouette eyewear
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