La Bouche Rouge

la boche rouge lipsticks and cases available at the websterla boche rouge lipsticks and cases available at the webster

Since launching in 2017, La Bouche Rouge continues to define a new standard in pure, sustainable beauty and asserts its position as French Clean Beauty Pioneer. Starting with the lipstick as its icon, the Paris-based makeup Maison has set out to unite French traditional craftmanship, and eco-responsibility. Concerned that the cosmetics industry is the third-largest environmental polluter and that 83% of the Earth’s water is filled with plastic, La Bouche Rouge has decided to avoid the use of plastic from the product itself, to the formula and production processes.

 A La Bouche Rouge lipstick consists out of a plastic-free and refillable fine leather case and an eco-refill of the brand’s own unique formula: the Red Serum. The case is made out of the final meters of the existing leather production from the prestigious Tanneries du Puy in France. The saddle stitch on the fine leather cases is La Bouche Rouge’s artisan signature. This know-how is combined with technological innovation expressed through the four years of research and 423 formulations to create a true Serum Formula. The Maison’s ambition was and is to create a lipstick that offers the most extraordinary makeup results with intense color, comfort of application and exceptional hold throughout the day without any microplastic, paraffin, parabens, animal fat or beeswax.

Location Creative Director
France Nicolas GERLIER
la bouche rouge america lipstickla bouche rouge america lipstick

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