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Designer Maisie Wilen's CollectionDesigner Maisie Wilen's Collection

Debuting in 2019 with a collection for Resort 2020, Maisie Wilen is the brainchild of Chicago-born designer Maisie Schloss. Based in Los Angeles, Maisie Schloss graduated from Parsons School of Design with a degree in womenswear design, and worked at Yeezy. It was during her tenure at Yeezy when Kanye West selected Schloss to be the first designer to enter his incubator program. Maisie Wilen—Wilen is Schloss’s mother’s maiden name—was received with critical acclaim, and almost immediately became sought after by celebrities for the collection’s high-spirited dancing prints and radiant colors in body-hugging fabrics.

Inspired by robotics and gymnastics uniforms, the pieces lean towards futuristic and yet still conjure an air of 90s nostalgia.

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2019 Los Angeles Maisie WILEN
Designer Maisie Wilen Women's CollectionDesigner Maisie Wilen Women's Collection
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