Maison Labiche

Designer Maison Labiche Men's collectionDesigner Maison Labiche Men's collection

Hailing from the capital of fashion, Maison Labiche began in 2010 when a small but dedicated team of young designers started experimenting with different styles of embroidery and premium basics. Their signature style are shirts and sweatshirts with small embroidered designs over the chest. With a mix of commitment and self-proclaimed savior-faire, Maison Labiche quickly created a subtle and stylish thread aesthetic, and is now a staple wardrobe piece among young Parisians.

In France, Maison Labiche has carried out successful collaborations with fashion giants such as Colette and Vogue magazine. For their American debut, Maison Labiche has partnered with The Webster with a range of exclusive styles.

Established Location
2010 France


Designer Maison Labiche Women's collectionDesigner Maison Labiche Women's collection
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