Designer Taschen  Books collectionDesigner Taschen  Books collection

In Cologne, Germany in 1980 Benedikt Taschen founded an art book publishing house. Originally the company was called Taschen Comics and published Benedikt’s comic book series. However, just four years later the company made its debut into the art world. Taschen introduced the Basic Art series with it’s first title on Salvador Dali. The series now features 100 titles in thirty languages, all on a seperate artist.

Since then, Taschen has been known to challenge the status quo with controversial books on art, fashion and erotica. In 1999 Taschen delved into the luxury market with it’s series SUMO. The inaugural edition was on Helmut Newton and quickly sold out and later became the most expensive book published in the 20th century. Currently, Taschen is co-managed by Benedikt and his eldest daughter Marlene Taschen.

Established Location
1980 Cologne


Designer Taschen  Books collectionDesigner Taschen  Books collection
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