Designer Teruska home collectionDesigner Teruska home collection

Teruska is known for their creative replicas of 16th and 17th century glassware that boast a modern twist. Each glass piece is mouth blown and handmade by the finest glassblowers in the Czech Republic using a technique that is passed down from generations with tips and tricks that only some of the best skilled artisans are aware of. The craftsmen use the long-established tradition of “forest glass,” which comes from centuries-old glass factories in Northern Europe. They used wood to heat the ovens where raw materials were melted and combines to create the essentials for glass manufacturing.

Glasswork has always been extremely labor intensive, some glasses needing a team of artisans to create just one piece. Due to its demanding work to create a piece of Teruska quality production is limited to just 40-50 glasses per day.

Designer Teruska home collectionDesigner Teruska home collection
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