Designer Wone Women's collectionDesigner Wone Women's collection

Launched in 2018 by partners Kristin and Ryan Hildebrand, Wone is a luxury performance apparel company that places fabrication and excess reduction at its forefront. A former creative concept director for Nike’s women’s line, Kristin Hildebrand is no novice when it comes to high-end activewear. Having worked with professional athletes and celebrities on collaborative lines for the global athletic wear company, Kristin’s familiarity with performance fabric is abundant, and she draws from it to produce in small, limited-edition batches of minimal black pieces, made to withstand 50,000 washes—most other performance apparel can only take up to 50. The materials sourced for Wone are not typically used by other manufacturers, due to its high supply cost.

Abstaining from trends and seasonality, Wone plans to drop only two collections a year and start up production only when inventory is depleted in order to maintain maximum control of the brand’s environmental impact.


Established Location Creative Director
2018 US Kristin HILDEBRAND


Designer Wone Women's CollectionDesigner Wone Women's Collection
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