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Founded by Luke Meier in 2013, menswear brand OAMC ties a high-end modern aesthetic to streetwear-inspired pieces. Designed in Paris and developed at its atelier in Milan, the former head designer of Supreme, Meier takes influence from the contemporary culture and pays tribute to present. OAMC, an acronym that morphs in representation with the name of each collection, offers a full range that runs the gamut from outerwear, knits, and wovens, to leather goods and eyewear, all perfected with practical utilitarian touches and made from innovative technical materials. Produced in limited quantities, pieces are finished under quality craftsmanship by makers in France, Italy, Portugal and Japan. Meier designs understated looks that elude specific narratives to achieve considerable versatility, and is left open to be interpreted by its wearers—find this exemplified in neat cut trousers, fine print t-shirts, and layered bomber jackets with borrowed performance-wear details and trimmings.

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