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Mike Amiri launched his namesake label Amiri in 2013 bearing strong influences from California’s 80s and 90s grunge subculture. Based in Los Angeles, every season since its conception, the brand has offered reconstructed biker pants, enlivened flannels, and bandana tied accessories. Amiri's execution of meticulously sourced fabrics is exemplified in his juxtaposition of shotgun holes on top-grade, plush cotton hoodies and tees. Denim is hand-destroyed, a process that could take up to months for a single pair, and reconstructed with couture components like leather repairs. Each piece is then released in limited-stock, preserving its covetable status.

A self-trained designer who spent his formative years discovering fabrics in LA's garment district, Amiri hinges on a heavily deconstructed aesthetic that results in high-end streetwear deserving of its badge of luxury and worthy of capturing the attention of the designer’s personal hero, Guns N’ Roses frontman Axel Rose.

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