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Anissa Kermiche

Growing up in Paris, Anissa studied engineering and computer science. In college she decided to explore a different path and study jewelry design at Central Saint in London. There she learned more about fine art, and became inspired by sculptures like Alexander Calder and his artful mobiles, as well as Constantin Brancusi who is considered a pioneer of modernism. Like them, Anissa’s designs are informed by ordinary objects like lamps and everyday textures.

First launched in 2016, her line was quickly seen on the red carpet and on the celebrity elite. The breakout earrings that put her on the map were inspired by a dinner table strewn with leftover fortune cookies. Her unique ability to intertwine surrealist art with diamonds and pearls, allows each piece to cultivate a personality and relatable quality. Discover her collection of provocative yet delicate pieces like the Eye for an Eye choker and Unit California Love earrings.

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