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Fashion meets philanthropy with the new, women-run New York City-based handbag label, Cesta Collective. Former fashion editor Courtney Weinblatt Fasciano and creative director Erin Ryder were friends who decided to leave their jobs to create something that gave fashion a deeper meaning. In May 2018 they launched their elevated handbag collection that takes inspiration from traditional Rwandan cathedral baskets; and there is no one better to hand weave each piece than local women artisans that have worked on perfecting their skill for years.

Cesta basket bags have a simple half-moon bucket shape and are decorated with sophisticated colors and wrapped sisal, a plant from the same family as agave. Each bucket bag comes with a drawstring canvas interior and knotted leather straps for a chic, modern look.

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New York City


Courtney Weinblatt Fasciano

Erin Ryder

Designer Cesta Collective  Women's Collection

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