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Growing up next to the skilled artisans of Italy’s best tailors and designers, Fausto Puglisi was entranced with fashion from a young age. His love of designing coupled with his growing fascination with American culture led him to move to New York then Texas and finally, LA in 1999 where he launched his namesake ultra-feminine line. Puglisi doubles as the creative director of Ungaro and his own line where he experiments with different shapes of the female silhouette.

He is known for his playful sculptural designs that blend with a colorful palette and bold prints. His energetic style and unconventional tailoring are polished with shimmering and lace details. His dramatic flair has an unparalleled sense of creativity that expertly merges Italian craft with American trends.

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Los Angeles


Fausto Puglisi

Designer Cesta Collective  Women's Collection

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