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Established officially in 1872 by Enrique Loewe Roessberg, a German artisan, Loewe was the official leather supplier to the Spanish crown. Since, the Madridian fashion house has expanded into an international luxury brand, currently with British designer Jonathan Anderson at its helm. Known for his experimental gender-bending designs, Anderson was charged with the task of revitalizing the heritage brand. Under his direction, the Puzzle Bag was created. Being one of Loewe’s biggest successes in recent history, the bag brought the brand back into the forefront of Spanish luxury fashion, and has become a signature piece produced in various iterations season after season. A testament to the Spanish powerhouse’s upheld craftsmanship, the bag is pieced together by multiple leather patterns and can be folded flat.

Along with meticulously produced leather goods, Anderson’s innovative cuts and silhouettes are exhibited through the house’s ready-to-wear collections, featuring inventive fabric combinations and asymmetrical hems.

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Madrid - Spain


Enrique Loewe Roessberg

Designer Loewe Women's Collection

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