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Mike Amiri  launched his namesake label Amiri in 2013 bearing strong influences from California’s 80s and 90s grunge subculture. Every season since has offered reconstructed biker pants, enlivened flannels, and bandana tied accessories. The brand’s famous t-shirts are distressed under unconventional techniques which include shotgun-fired holes, exemplifying the rigorous attention and creativity paid to each unique garment. Filling the void of current rock 'n' roll fashion that has been reinterpreted in many iterations throughout the past couple of decades, Amiri jeans hold the very essence of the irreverent spirit. Cult denim being the cornerstone of the brand's business are skintight and slim for both men and women's lines, touting comfort fit for movement of hard-partying lifestyles. While rock 'n' roll music has been mostly a quiet space in the past decade, its soul lives on through the high-end wear that matches the quality of luxury brands that influenced Amiri.

The designer's concept of luxury is portrayed in a standout reversible bomber Amiri jacket, paired with suede boots to create the desert vintage allure that has it flying off sales racks worldwide. Amiri Hoodie and Amiri sweatpants usually reserved partial to athleisure is slashed and repurposed into a biker inspired garments. An Amiri shirt is not a run-of-the-mill t-shirt, but one that is a testament to the process that sets it apart from the luxury brands who present in Paris (though the brand is vehemently LA based). Within each collection, pieces are then released in limited-stock, preserving its covetable status amongst the most style-driven sets in mens fashion. While Amiri hinges on a heavily deconstructed aesthetic, the streetwear produced is high-end, deserving of its badge of luxury and worthy of capturing the attention of the designer’s personal hero, Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose. 

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