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Rossignol (the French word for “nightingale”) have been innovators of ski equipment and slope apparel since 1907. A heralded supplier of competitive winter sports and cold-weather lifestyle gear worn by olympians, the iconic brand was founded in Isère by Abel Rossignol, a skilled craftsmen and ski racer who ventured into making the company's first pair of skis from solid wood, setting it up in subsequent years to continue to lead the charge in innovation with materials like fiberglass and metal, even under new ownership.

Drawing strength from it’s century-plus history, Rossignol has translated its expertise to pervade just about every area of of ski from the slopes to the streets. High-end winter wear such as jackets for all seasons, casual footwear including sneakers and boots, along with chic wool knits bearing the 110 year-old “tri-color rooster” emblem” are all apart of the luxury lifestyle apparel line that Rossignol offers.

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