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Inspired by the legendary Savile Row in London, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen founded their three-time CFDA award winning label The Row in 2006. Defined by fine fabrications, smartly fitted pieces deliver a casual and timeless elegance. Based in New York City, the brand places emphasis on domestically produced luxury wear, with the exception of handbags which are manufactured in Italy. Subtly is the prevailing character of all of the label’s collections which feature a full range from precisely tailored pants to minimal footwear.

Venturing from their usual soft hued and predominantly monotone collections, more recent presentations has expanded into more vibrant colorways, though the preference for texture over prints still holds true. The discretion the Olsen sisters have exercised as two of the most well-known celebrities of our time has successfully translated over to The Row’s aesthetic, prescribing a mainstay chicness that’s always anticipated with each season.

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Mary-Kate and Ashley OLSEN

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