Designer Chufy Women's collectionDesigner Chufy Women's collection

Sofia Sanchez de Betak, nicknamed Chufy, is a seasoned traveler. As a native of Buenos Aires, Argentina and a resident of New York, she grew up traveling the world independently and with her family. Her eclectic wardrobe which includes pieces collected throughout her journeys inspired her to create her own line of ready-to-wear.

Each collection focuses on a particular destination. Her first line celebrated her home country, Argentina. She traveled back to her hometown to work with designers, artisans and factories to ensure authentic local craftsmanship. Her second collection was inspired by Japan, one of her favorite destinations. The vibrant colors and modernity of the culture anchored her eccentric patterns and silhouettes found throughout the collection. Discover more of the Japanese collection including kimonos, skirts and shirts.

Established Location Artistic  Director
2017 New York City Sofia Sanchez DE BETAK


Designer Chufy Women's collectionDesigner Chufy Women's collection
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