ormaie perfumeOrmaie Perfume

Founded in 2018 by mother-and-son duo Baptiste Bouygues and Marie-Lise Jonak, Ormaie is a family-run fragrance maison based in Paris, rooted deeply in art and nature. With creativity at its core, Ormaie—which translates to elm grove—has united artists and artisans to mold and fulfill the brand’s manifesto. Each scent is composed solely of natural ingredients, yet still succeeds in emanating complex and nuanced notes of florals, woods, and spices. The perfumes’ ornate vessels are made from 100% recycled glass in France, while the sculptural modernist stoppers, inspired by the work of Constantin Brancusi, are handmade from reclaimed wood. 

Established Location Creative Director
2018 Paris Baptiste Bouygues


ormaie perfumeormaie perfume
silhouette eyewearsilhouette eyewear

Founded in 1964 by Anneliese and Arnold Schmied, Austria-based premium eyewear producers Silhouette revolutionized the industry with the world’s lightest glasses. A perfectionist with an eye for quality, Arnold, teamed up with his wife Annelise, who was skilled in finances, and designer Dora Demmel to create an iconic international brand that has stayed in the family for three generations. The brand places great emphasis on traditional hand-craftsmanship and innovative technologies while designing timeless shapes with unique colors to frame the wearer’s individuality, using the finest materials to ensure comfort. 

Established Location Creative Director
1964 Austria Roland Keplinger


silhouette eyewearsilhouette eyewear
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